About A.I. Coin

Artificial Intelligence Coin, or A.I. Coin, is a transaction-centric digital currency based on the Bitcoin software. It allows you to immediately complete digital transactions, because similar to cash, there is no wait for confirmation. Its participants cooperate to efficiently process transactions, and fairly share the mining rewards without expensive proof-of-work effort.

Coin Distribution

AI Coin is a Proof-of-Stake Coin.
There will be 21 million coins minted.
50 coins will be created every 10 minutes.

Fastest Coin. Period.

AI Coin has sub-second transactions.

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We are currently running a test network.

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Features of AI Coin

Lower Fees. Ultra Fast. Innovative.

Lower Fees

AI Coin uses bandwidth and storage more efficiently than Bitcoin. Furthermore, AI Coin block rewards directly subsidise the entire network infrastructure. These properties enable AI Coin to have 100x lower transaction fees, and 100x lower minimum transaction value threshold, relative to Bitcoin.


Transactions received from someone else can be immediately spent. There is no need to wait for confirmation, because each accepted transaction is certain to be included in the next new block, without the possibility of reversion.


Every transaction created by an AI Coin software agent is a multisignature transaction in which verifying peers provide the additional signatures required to issue the transaction. An attacker must breach several peers in order to get all the private keys needed to steal aicoins.


The AI Coin system has the properties of an extendible cognitive architecture: distributed, multi-agent, hierarchical control network - whose intelligent software agents may each have sensory perception, value judgement, a world model, and behavior generation. In contrast, other cryptocurrency implementations are conventional, tightly coupled, monolithic softwares.